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Frequently Asked Questions.

Am I eligible for a Co-Link Credit Facility?

To qualify for a credit facility, you must:

  • Be between 25-65 years old.
  • Have a verifiable invoice or purchase order form.
  • Live and/or work in cities where we operate.
What is the range of Co-Links credit facilities?

Our credit facilities start from NGN500,000 to NGN 30 million depending on the facility requested.

Do you provide bespoke credit facilities?

At Co-Link, we are able to create bespoke credit facilities that accommodate for peculiar circumstances.

What documents do I need to apply for a credit facility?

Our preliminary document request includes:

  • Application Letter (use a hyperlink here)

  • Company Registration Documents

  • Board Resolution

  • Means of Identification

  • Proof of Address

  • Referees means of Identification

  • Bank Verification Number

If you are accepted for a credit facility the following documents will be requested:

  • Passport Photographs

  • Security for a credit facility

  • For unsecured credit facilities – domiciliation of cheque payments/irrevocable letter of commitment domiciling payment to Co-Links stipulated bank