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Services for Investors



We recognize that some investors seek to maximize the returns on their capital whilst mitigating the risk. With our knowledge of the Money Market in Nigeria, over the years, our returns have been above average.

Our typical clients are small to medium savers, whose relatively small capital we place in our Money Market investment pool. This strategy ensures higher returns for every client. We diligently source market intelligence to ensure we do not expose our clients’ funds to undue risk in our attempt to maximize the investment returns. Our pool of funds (our clients’ investment) is diversified in various investment outlets based on our risk rating. Our fixed-income investment portfolio consists of the following:

  • Commercial Papers issued by Triple “A” Rated Companies
  • Banker’s Acceptance
  • Nigerian Treasury Bills
  • Bonds

Maturities are adjusted to reflect economic trends such as likely changes in interest rates and repayments.

We should state, that as with all financial investments, the income in the form of interest may vary.



At Co-Link, we deal on the Nigerian Stock Exchange under Investment Advisory Services and our aim is always to provide above-average returns. We pride ourselves on providing tailor-made advice to suit our clients’ investment objectives. Our advice is based on a thorough and dispassionate analysis of the fundamental value and technical trends through the prism of our clients’ and prospective client’s investing objectives.

Once we create a relationship, all the burden of market monitoring automatically passes to us, with our client’s specific goals and interest in focus.


At Co-Link, we maintain a Joint Venture fund for those investors who are willing to take risks with their funds, with a view to maximise returns on the fund. The transactions are subject to approval by the fund holders.

Any trade or project we decide to invest in must be self-liquidating and security is of paramount importance. The returns on the investment must also correlate with the risk.

To open a Fixed Income and/or Equity Investment Account with Co-Link, Download and complete the Account Opening Form. Attach the completed form to an e-mail and send it to invest@co-linkinvestment.com.

On receipt of your form, a member of our team will call to discuss your investment objectives and requirements.