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Who We Are

About Us

Co-Link Investment Management Limited (‘Co-Link’) was established in 1993 to provide a range of financial services to our clients. We pride ourselves on creating value while delivering expert services to a range of clients.

Our client base includes:

  • Investors seeking above-average returns.
  • Corporate organizations seeking investment advisory services.
  • Small and medium scale enterprises seeking financing opportunities.

At Co-Link, our disciplined and consistent approach to doing business has helped us not only to maintain long-term relationships with our clients but also to continue to attract and retain good people.

Our guiding principles are integrity, accountability, efficiency, teamwork, and innovation.

Co-Link is regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


Our Mission

We aim to provide bespoke financing solutions to our clients in the most diligent, professional, innovative, and efficient manner possible.